Let me introduce myself…


Hello beautiful people,

Thank you for taking the time to have a look at my new blog!

I’ve started this blog so I can push myself to new limits. I know this blog will help motivate me to experience and learn new things. It’s also a way to connect and share my experiences with you!

As my first blog post I thought it would be nice to introduce myself so here’s a little story about my life so far…

On hot and rainy December’s day, I was born in a hospital in Quezon City, Philippines. Two years after my arrival into this world my parents decided to pack up everything to have a new lifestyle in New Zealand. We ended up in windiest capital in the world, Wellington. A year later my little sister Jeline was born! There were now two troublesome children in the Baldovino household!

I was an energetic child I couldn’t keep still, but it was strange that I was super shy! I was always being active, running around, swinging on monkey bars, playing jump rope but I was always alone. At the age of three, my mum had the idea of sending me to ballet classes to; a) to learn a disciplined and beautiful art form, b) to be social and make friends, and c) to calm me down. I attended my first ballet class which was at a church hall in a little suburb. We twirled and galloped inelegantly and uncoordinatedly around the hall wearing pink tutus and tiaras. From that moment on I fell in love with dancing.

At five, I attended school for the first time. It was a little suburban catholic school. I started private lessons and I competed in my first local ballet competition and won a prize!

By the age of six, I knew dancing was what I wanted to do in the future. All I would think, say, and do was dancing. During this time I would go to ballet classes straight after dancing, so sometimes I would go to school with a slicked back ballet bun which was not a good look with our maroon and blue tartan uniform…

At eight years old, the ballet studio shut down. I was absolutely distraught. My mum and I went around looking for dance schools that did exams and competitions. We ended up at Paula Hunt Dance Studios. It was pleasant shock to me as it was a massive studio that ranged from toddlers to 18 year olds. Every chance I had I would peek through the studio window to see the older girls dance. I was so inspired by them! I went to my first audition the year after starting at the new studio. I was auditioning for this program connected to the New Zealand School of Dance. I was ecstatic when I got in. It was just another motive for me to keep dancing.

As I got older, I started going to the studios more often. I would train in the morning before and after school. I’m so grateful that my parents really support me and were willing to drive me to most of my practices! I joined more and more competitions where I was lucky enough to get to the finals and get placings! But, it was not all easy-going for me… It was and still is a roller coaster of a journey; injuries, rejection, self-doubt were huge obstacles that I had and will forever need to overcome.

I started high school at St Mary’s College Wellington. It was a whole new experience going from a tiny co-ed primary school to a huge all girls college. It was hard trying to balance dancing, school and just the daily struggles of a teenage girl. It was one of the first big challenges that would impact my life, but in saying this I made many wonderful friendships during my time at high school that I will forever cherish.

I still danced before and after school, but I knew that it wasn’t enough to further my passion and career in dancing. I decided I would need to go to a full time dance school. I started full time training at Alegria Dance Studios in Sydney, Australia. So yes, I had to move away at the age of sixteen which is pretty out of the ordinary. I had a new challenges that I had to face such as, cooking, cleaning, doing my own laundry after a long tiring day at the studio, I would taking public transport everywhere, and budget. It was a huge shock to the system. As time went on, things got easier as I found a rhythm that fitted my schedule and my personal life. I believe, living independently really pushed me to become more mature in the ways of thinking, it made me more organised, social, and it has given me the opportunity to find who I am.

So now here we are. We’ve caught up to the present. I’m seventeen on my way to London to start at Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance. I will be studying for three years, the first two years will be a foundational degree, and the third year will be a Bachelor of Arts. I’m nervous but also super excited for the new challenges I have face. I’m so keen to meet new people, explore London and hear the gorgeous British accent everyday!

I really would love to connect and be able to relate to each and everyone of my readers. Please feel free to ask questions, drop opinions, anything! You guys will really inspire me to create content that you will be interested in reading.

I’m super thrilled to start this new chapter in my life, and I cannot wait to share many more of my adventures with you beautiful people!

Much love,

Jana x


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